ALLY - FLX.ARM.S16.Z10 is a general purpose motion platform or partially completed machinery.  It is the responsibility of the installer or integrator to ensure that it meets all applicable safety laws and regulations prior to operation.

Robotic arms can be potentially dangerous.  ALLY - FLX.ARM.S16.Z10 can be configured to limit joint torques and to stop when a collision is detected.  These features require configuration.  The installer or integrator should perform these tasks, if required, to reduce the hazards this robot arm may present.  

Following safety information presented in this document is not a warranty that this robot arm will not cause injury or damage.


  • Install the robot arm securely to a base or table weighing at least 100 lbs.
  • Install the E-Stop in an easily accessible location outside of the robot arms workspace.
  • It is the installer or integrators responsibility to determine if guarding is required for a specific application.
  • Guarding should always be used when a potentially hazardous tool is installed as the end-effector.
  • Extreme caution is advised when an operator enters the workspace of this robot arm.
  • Be aware of potential pinch points.  Including the Z-axis.
  • Service is required if a fault or unintended motion occurs.  Discontinue use immediately.
  • Wear eye protection.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or accessories.

Electrical Warnings

  • This robot arm is powered from AC voltages greater than 110 VAC.  Always remove the AC power cord before servicing.
  • Earth ground is required for operation.
  • Stored energy may be present even after power is removed.
  • Do not allow liquids to enter the electrical enclosure.