ALLY - FLX.ARM.S16.Z10 Unboxing

ALLY is shipped in a 16" [406.4 mm] x 16" [406.4 mm] x 20" [508.0"] cardboard box.  The box weighs 35 lbs [15.88 kg].  The arm is mounted to a plywood sheet with foam footings.  It is wrapped in a foam sheet and bubble wrap.

To remove the arm we recommend you open the box from the bottom.  To start flip the box on its side.

Cut open the bottom of the box along the box tape seam.  Be careful as you will want to keep the box and all packing materials.

Open the flaps and rotate the box 90 degrees so that the flap on the bottom is now located on the table under the box.

Flip the box upright and remove.  Save the box.

Remove the bubble wrap and save.

Remove the foam sheet and save.

Carefully tip the arm on its side to expose the nuts on the bottom of the plywood base.  With another person remove the bolts and save.  Place the arm upright.

Remove the power cord from the plywood base.  Save the plywood base.

Cut the cable ties and remove the foam sheeting from the toolhead connector and e-stop.  Save the foam sheeting.

Cut the cable ties and remove the foam sheeting from the leadscrew.  Save the foam sheeting.


Cut the cable tie and remove the foam sheeting from the toolhead mount.  Save the foam sheeting.

Mount the arm to a base weighing a minimum of 100 lbs [45 kg]. 

Manually raise the Z-axis by turning the leadscrew clockwise and remove the Z-axis foam blocks.

Mount the e-stop in an easily accessible location.  Make sure it is not pushed in.

Ensure the AC power switch is in the off position.  "O" or left-side pushed in.  Plug in the AC power cord and ethernet cable.

Push in the power switch to turn on the arm.  The LED will appear orange.  Launch FLX.IDE and connect to the arm.  Once connected the LED will appear blue.